Chapo White – Brutal Cold Strong 13,2mg


  • Nicotine 13.2mg / sachet
  • Super popular mint flavor
  • 30 nicotine sachets in a jar
  • Big snuff-like 0.8 g sachet


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Chapo White – Brutal Cold Strong 13.2mg

Chapo White – Brutal Cold Strong is a strong version of the super popular original Chapo White Brutal Cold flavor, which has quickly become the most popular nicotine pouch. Very hard drilling and nicotine 13.2 mg/pouch, so this product is only suitable for more experienced nicotine users.        

Additional information


Chapo White



Nicotine content / g

16, 5 mg

Nicotine content / pouch

13, 2 mg

Serving bags per box

30 pcs

Bag weight

0, 8 g

Content / Paino

24 g


Nicobros Oü

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