Chapo White – Crystal Menthol 6mg


  • Nicotine 6mg / sachet
  • Really cheap price!
  • In a jar 30 pcs nicotine sachets
  • Big snuff-like 0.8g bag
  • Hardest bag that you can legally order in Finland


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Chapo White – Crystal Menthol 6mg – nicotine sachets

Super popular Chapo White – Crystal Menthol – nicotine sachets, nicotine 6mg / sachet! After all, this is a nicotine bag with everything in place:

  • Really cool menthol taste, not comparable to any other product that can be legally ordered in Finland.
  • Nice moist bags that release nicotine extra fast thanks to the new release mechanism.
  • Kicks like a horse! If you like strong nicotine pouches, this is the absolute number one choice.
  • Street-credible appearance and name. When you put the puck on the table, admiration is guaranteed, you’re sure to be the coolest guy in the group.
  • Suitable for use in any situation! When you want a good whisper to relax for a quiet evening at home or to liven up a weekend with a group of friends.


Additional information


Chapo White



Nicotine content / g

5 mg, 7

Nicotine content / pouch

6 mg

Serving bags per box

30 pcs

Bag weight

0, 8 g

Content / Paino



Nicobros Oü

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