Fix – Fig Raspberry 8mg


  • Nicotine 8.4 mg/dosage bag
  • Generously sized 0.7 gram bag
  • A perfect blend of sweet figs and tart raspberries

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Fix – Fig Raspberry 8mg

Fix – Fig Raspberry 8mg offers a unique nicotine experience with sweet figs and tangy raspberries with a harmonious mix. Contains, according to many, just the right amount of 8mg of nicotine per sachet, and each sachet offers a balanced kick. These bags guarantee nice, tasty and long-lasting pleasure for every nicotine bag fan.


Additional information




Fig and raspberry

Nicotine content / g

12 mg

Nicotine content / pouch

8.4 mg

Serving bags per box

20 pcs

Bag weight

0.7 g

Content / Paino

14 g

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