Fix – Green Mango Lemongrass 12mg


  • Nicotine 11.5 mg/dose bag
  • Go on a taste trip to the tropics accompanied by green mango and lemongrass
  • Quality product

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Fix – Green Mango Lemongrass 12mg

Fix – Green Mango Lemongrass is a rather refreshing novelty, where green the lively flavors of mango and lemongrass combine in an insanely great way. The fresh tropical flavor combination has 12mg of nicotine per sachet, so it is suitable for even more experienced users.


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Vihreä mango ja sitruunaruoho

Nicotine content / g

16, 4 mg

Nicotine content / pouch

11, 5 mg

Serving bags per box

20 kpl

Bag weight

0, 7 g

Content / Paino

14 g

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