ILVS – Spearmint 12mg


  • Nicotine content 12mg/bag
  • A 0.5 gram bag that fits well under the lip
  • Fresh mint taste
  • Fast delivery to Finland

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ILVS – Spearmint 12mg

ILVS – Spearmint 12mg is a fresh mint-flavored product suitable for Nordic tastes. The product drills well, but does not leave a strong taste in the mouth. There is 12 mg of nicotine in one bag, and the size of the bag is 0.5 grams, which fits well under the lip.  

List of ingredients:

Natural fibers (E460), water, natural flavors, stevia, emulsifier (E401), menthol, acidity regulator (E501), magnesium carbonate, nicotine, moisture regulator (E1520 ).

Additional information





Nicotine content / g

24 mg/g

Nicotine content / pouch

12 mg

Serving bags per box

20 pcs

Bag weight

0, 5 g

Content / Paino

10 g

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