Kiekko – Cool Mint 11 mg


  • Nicotine 11 mg/dose bag
  • Fresh cool mint taste
  • Funny jar

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Kiekko – Cool Mint 11mg

Kiekko – Cool Mint 11mg offers such a cool mint experience under the upper lip, that even less is a big deal. A nice jar works wonderfully in every situation – in the best case, after use, you can use it to replace, for example, a lost hockey puck in the snow. Nicotine 11mg per sachet, that is enough for even the more experienced Gretzky.


Additional information





Nicotine content / g

16, 4 mg

Nicotine content / pouch

11, 5 mg

Serving bags per box

20 pcs

Bag weight

0, 7 g

Content / Paino

14 g

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