Kiekko – Cool Mint Extra Strong 18 mg


  • Nicotine 18 mg/dose bag
  • Intensive cool mint taste
  • Funny jar

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Kiekko – Cool Mint Extra Strong 18mg

Kiekko – Cool Mint Extra Strong 18mg offers an intense nicotine experience with a strong with a mint flavor for all fans of ice hockey and nicotine bags and others too. The nicotine content of 18 mg provides a strong kick, and the fresh mint flavor brings a refreshing feeling – you will definitely keep the racket in your hand better when using these.


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Viileä minttu

Nicotine content / g

35 mg

Nicotine content / pouch

17, 5 mg

Serving bags per box

20 kpl

Bag weight

0, 5 g

Content / Paino

14 g

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