Klint – Liquorice 4mg


Quality from Sweden! Now a full-bodied salmon / Laku

  • Big high-quality bag
  • Long-lasting taste
  • Nicotine 4mg / dose
  • 20 nicotine bags in a box

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Klint – Liquorice 4mg

Licorice or salmiakki was a very rare flavor in the nicotine pouch market just a while ago, But because Finns love it, Klint has also made their own version of it. Klint Liquorice 4mg is a large and silky-smooth nicotinic bag. Klint has always been able to do the moisture balance just right. The bag isn’t dry, but it’s not runny either. You can easily hold one bag in your mouth for at least 30 minutes, when it also transmits nicotine and taste.

Taste description:

Sweet, but also a little salty, typically for salmiaki. It is due to the strait salt contained in the product. This nicotine pouch also has a slight hint of anise. Smells and tastes like a strait should. The nicotine content of the product is 4 mg per sachet and there are 20 nicotine sachets in one box. There is not much drilling in this bag, but the feel and taste make up for it. Licorice is a flavor that divides opinion. Either you like it or you can’t stand it. If you are also a strait lover, you should definitely try and order this nicotine pouch, Product description Filler (E460), distilled water, (E422), nicotine, natural flavors, (E500), (E202),

Intended use of the product Alleviating withdrawal symptoms caused by quitting smoking and getting rid of addiction. It is not a tobacco product but a self-medication.  

Additional information




Salty liquorice

Nicotine content / pouch


Serving bags per box

20 pcs

Bag weight



Isompi slim


Habit Factory AB, Ruotsi

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