Mörkö – Fatal Freeze 6mg


  • Nicotine 6mg/dosage bag
  • The coolest novelty of the year – violently piercing menthol
  • Enough 30 nicotine bags in the jar
  • Large snuff-like bag
  • You cannot legally order this harder bag in Finland


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Mörkö – Fatal Freeze 6mg

Now! Phew! The novelty doesn’t get any colder than this: Mörkö – Fatal Freeze. This is guaranteed to be the hottest product on the market right now, and you won’t find this exclusive treat anywhere else but at pouchmafia.com. Many people have been hoping for a product like this, and this time the wait is truly rewarded handsomely, because it is the result of extensive product testing, which has taken into account all the customers’ greatest wishes. Drilling and kicking Mörkö – Fatal Freeze in nicotine pouches is at an unprecedentedly violent level, but the fresh taste of menthol balances it out just right, leaving a fresh breath in the mouth. Get ready for a freezing taste experience you’ve never experienced before: Mörkö – Fatal Freeze 6mg nicotine pouch tastes like incredibly fresh menthol. Thanks to the new nicotine release mechanism, nicotine is released from these bags surprisingly quickly and efficiently, so users who are used to a big kick are guaranteed to fall in love with this. The generously sized bags are pre-moistened, which guarantees a comfortable lip feel and helps nicotine absorption. If you are a fan of strong nicotine bags, this product is definitely your choice – after all, it is a bag that kicks like a trotting horse. I don’t think you can find a more stylish and street-credible design on the market. As a minus, it can be mentioned that such an attractive product may not last very long when all your friends want these bombs. One bag weighs 0.8 grams and has an excellent lip feel and is well suited for those who are used to generous bag snus. There is 6mg of nicotine in one bag, although based on the kick you could imagine there is more. There are a whopping 30 bags in the box, so you won’t easily run out of them in one evening, as long as you remember to hide them from your friends!   Ingredients: Cellulose (E460), salt, acidity regulator (E500), water, humectant (E1520), sucralose (E955), flavors, nicotine.    

Additional information




Strong drilling menthol

Nicotine content / g

5mg, 7

Nicotine content / pouch

6 mg

Serving bags per box

30 pcs

Bag weight

0, 8 g


Nicobros Oü

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