Zeus – Mint Rage Strong 20mg


  • Nicotine 20 mg/dose bag
  • Icely piercing double mint taste
  • Thanks to its large bag size, a good feeling is guaranteed
  • Without tobacco
  • Does not stain teeth

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Zeus – Mint Rage Strong 20mg

Zeus – Mint Rage Strong is a stronger version of this quickly popular nicotine pouch. This has nicotine 20 mg/dosage bag. Zeus – Mint Rage Strong nicotine pouches are known for their sweet and cold menthol, both in the same jar! These are suitable for experienced users and many find them perfect for daily use. Zeus – Mint Rage Strong nicotine pouch offers a pleasant mint taste that is fresh and refreshing. The product is easy to use and its use is discreet, so you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime.    

Additional information




Strong mint

Nicotine content / pouch

20 mg

Serving bags per box

20 pcs

Bag weight

0, 75 g




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